Hello all and welcome to my blog. My name is David Mitchell. I'm actually in the process of making my own website but until that's complete, this is where I'll be keeping all of my work. I'm 26yrs old and I'm an artist/ graphic designer/ writer. I studied Media Arts and Animation at the Art Institute of Washington, as well as Computer Animation and Art Design at the Art Institute of Dallas. I am currently working freelance as a graphic designer, however I am striving to break into the conceptual art industry whether it be games, film or both. There's nothing better in life than being able to create what you see in your head and put it into tangible visuals for others to see and experience. Art is a never ending abyss of knowledge and creativity and that's why I love it. Hope you all enjoy my work as much as I do, cheers and thanks for dropping by...

Random Works:

Princess and the Frog: 3/23/2010

So I was at the library and there was a girl reading "Princess and the Frog" to a bunch of kids, and I just randomly thot about doing a creature fairy tale where the princess is actually this horrid 3 headed monster, and the frog is a gangly hunchback looking little critter who has set out to slay the princess as a knight would a dragon. it's a pretty early wip, but I cant seem to let the idea go, lol. 
- - -

Ongoing Projects:

The Dark Things:
Illustration series and short story script I've been working on for a while. This is the first sketch I've started painting, there will be others, some of which can be seen in my "Thumbs|Roughs" gallery...
- - -

Animation Short that I'm writing. Its set in a world of completely mechanical lifeforms, nothing organic is believe to be in existence, until strange creatures begin to emerge from the center of the galaxy, infecting and destroying planets one by one. One droid has information that could very well decide the fate of the universe, and he doesn't even know it yet...
- - -

The Nothings Below:
A new script that I am writing and developing some visuals for. I'll have more information on the story and characters as I get further along in the project. Here is a quick look at a WIP...